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Description of Service

The TRANSACTION service assists you throughout the sale or transfer of your assets: from property valuation to finding the best buyer and up to the signing of the authentic deed; appraisals, comparative studies, fair assessments, investor searches, and more.

We are at your complete disposal and reachable at all times to address all your questions related to your real estate project.


  • Evaluation based on a comparative study (Real Estate Valuation): after analyzing equivalent properties, the area and street, calculating rental value, recent sales, and the latest listings;
  • Connection with our partners: mandatory technical studies, potential work, compliance, and financial studies;
  • Regular updates on the progress of marketing;
  • Joint definition of our communication procedures: Signs, window displays, photo selection, websites, targeted flyers, social media, press, etc.;
  • Support and guidance from start to finish of your project!


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Field analysis Market and estimation

The first thing to consider above all else: Your real estate project!

Together, we define your needs, which will allow us to best meet your expectations.

The essential first step in selling your property: REAL ESTATE VALUATION!

Whether it's selling an apartment or a house or the need to evaluate your assets for a transfer or succession, real estate valuation is crucial!

As real estate professionals, we conduct a precise market analysis to determine the most accurate listing price.

A quality real estate valuation that establishes a FAIR price leads to a quick sale through effective marketing. Conversely, if your property is overvalued, it could hinder or significantly slow down your selling process.

So don't hesitate, do you need a real estate valuation?

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Creation of the file and advice

Once the real estate valuation is done, we can begin to compile the sales dossier.

For this, we accompany and guide you to obtain a complete dossier that will best protect your interests and facilitate potential buyers' inquiries.

A complete dossier involves gathering a number of essential documents for the smooth operation of your project!

With KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL, you benefit from expert guidance and support at every stage of selling your property.

We handle all notarial and administrative procedures.

Among us, Marine COLONNA D'ISTRIA, a Certified Notary, provides valuable legal and fiscal advice. She guides you in assembling the dossier and ensures your protection during document drafting.

KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL assists and advises you on enhancing your property to make it as attractive as possible and attract many potential buyers:

Advice on arrangement, furnishings, possible repairs, and refreshments, etc.

Once the dossier is "solid" and the property is effectively enhanced, we proceed with marketing the property.

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KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL takes care of drafting the real estate listing that will be displayed in the windows of both real estate agencies, posted on our website, and shared on all real estate software, as well as on our social networks. A precise and clear listing containing all the necessary details for informative purposes, accompanied by professionally taken photos, ensures effective marketing of your property.

We inform you about our dissemination and communication efforts and keep you updated on the results of these actions:

  • We use the most appropriate advertising to ensure the best visibility for your property:
  • We ensure a significant online and press presence for your property.
  • Your property is listed on all real estate software platforms (e.g., Se Loger).
  • We manage social media daily, providing interested parties with updates on our new listings every day.
  • Signs, flyers, targeted mailings!

Everything is utilized to ensure maximum visibility for your property!

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Qualitative selection of buyers + Virtual tour
Our +++: The Virtual Visit!

To avoid a certain number of unnecessary visits and to meet the new demands of potential buyers who sometimes wish to save time by not having to travel or individuals living abroad who are unable to visit in person,

It is now possible to have remote viewings:

We offer an initial presentation of the property through a virtual tour.

This tool allows us to quickly verify the reliability of potential buyers.

The world is changing, and we are adapting! Even in the case of government restrictions on physical visits, thanks to this tool, your project will never come to a halt. It allows us to continue showcasing your property and find the buyer you need!

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Follow up

So, we are here, completely at your service and close to you at all times to answer all your questions and guide you at every stage of selling your property.

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