Rental management

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KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL offers the client who wishes to entrust the management of their property the most suitable solution, taking into account their criteria and the type of property.

*The PROPERTY MANAGEMENT service offers to free you from all the constraints related to renting an apartment or a house for a long or short term.

-From the guarantee of your unpaid rents to assistance with your tax declaration and overseeing your property maintenance, we are by your side so you can enjoy your investment with peace of mind.

With KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL, you benefit from a high level of diligence and constant availability from all of our team members!

We are at your service via phone or at our offices without an appointment to advise you on all your projects.

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KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL allows you to optimize the use of your property by offering various types of rentals:

  • Classic unfurnished rental (three-year lease)
  • Furnished rental (one-year lease)
  • Mixed rental (9-month student lease and 3-month seasonal lease)
  • Year-round seasonal rental (Please note that there are numerous regulations in place for this)

*We calculate the profitability of each type of rental and guide you to the most favorable option. To do this, we consider the property's characteristics (location, size, etc.) as well as the tax implications.

KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL also assists you in assembling the necessary documentation.

*Mrs. COLONNA D'ISTRIA, a Certified Notary, provides high-quality advice and guides you both legally and fiscally. She supports you at every step of the property rental process to make it as attractive as possible and to secure a quick rental. She ensures the precise drafting of each document that engages you with your prospective tenant (lease, etc.) for your better protection.

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KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL also helps and advises you on how to enhance your property to attract numerous potential tenants.

KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL works with you to define its dissemination and communication actions and keeps you informed of the results of these actions.

The Agency

KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL commits to relieving you of all the constraints related to renting your property so that you can enjoy your investment in PEACE! You no longer have anything to manage; KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL takes care of everything!

Our property management service commits to:

  • Find a tenant meeting solvency criteria through its various means of dissemination and its knowledgeable understanding of the Nice area.
  • Assured rental income: Our "unpaid rent guarantee" ensures you against tenant payment defaults and secures your investment. Furthermore, our teams specially trained in "rental disputes" will best defend your interests.
  • Legal security: All of our contracts are drafted in accordance with current regulations to avoid disputes or legal issues with tenants. Additionally, our firm has a legal monitoring unit that strives to adjust contracts according to legislative provisions.
  • Supervision of your maintenance and damages: From obtaining cost estimates to the completion of work, KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL takes care of solving any malfunctions and bringing your property up to standard. We also handle your damage claims and make all necessary declarations (to property management, insurance, legal proceedings).
  • Constant assistance: Attendance at condominium general meetings, payment of expenses, tax declarations.
  • Online customer portal: We provide clients with a 24/7 accessible online portal that allows you real-time access to your complete file on the internet.

The property management team is a diligent and available team that ensures personalized follow-up with commitment and enthusiasm.

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