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KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL is not an agency like any other.

Marine COLONNA D’ISTRIA, Graduate Notary,
is in charge of its management.

Thanks to the constant updating of her legal knowledge, she scrupulously ensures the drafting of each act in order to best ensure the protection of your interests.

His rigor and dynamism and kindness allow you to be reassured.

Thanks to his availability and his attentiveness you feel confident and you are supported throughout your real estate project.

Available at all times, she always answers all your questions as best she can.

With her, you benefit from a privileged bond which allows you to benefit from her sound advice on a legal or tax level and to constantly feel secure.

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The Transaction department is led by Mrs. Celine CURABET.

You can benefit from her in-depth knowledge of the market and each sector. Her responsiveness and mastery of the "field" can only reassure you. You are supervised and safe.

Her expertise, professionalism, responsiveness, legal skills, and kindness are numerous qualities that allow you to be guided as best as possible in all your choices.

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More than just real estate agency, KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL offers you all the services related to your real estate project so that you can rely on us from A to Z .

Are you looking to make a real estate investment?
Primary residence, secondary residence, or rental investment?

We take care of finding "the right property" for you!

Rental Investment?

We handle everything from A to Z:

  • We offer you properties that match your criteria, and we accompany each proposal with a table for calculating the overall profitability of your investment, specifying:
    • Estimated rent
    • Amount of expenses
    • Property tax amount
    • Insurance amount
    • Possible furnishing costs
    • Consideration of potential renovation work
    • Possible fees (technical inspections, etc.)
    • Notary fees
    This table will give you an overall view of the profitability of your project from the start, so you won't have any surprises.
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More than just a real estate agency, KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL offers you all the services related to your real estate project so that you can rely on us from A to Z .

  • If renovations are needed, we accompany you by offering to supervise them.
  • To maximize your return, we offer you all possible types of rentals:
    • Classic unfurnished rental (three-year lease)
    • Furnished rental (one-year lease)
    • Mixed rental (9-month student lease and 3-month seasonal lease)
    • Year-round seasonal rental

We guide you to the most suitable choice for you based on the property's characteristics, tax implications, and then adjust the profitability table based on the chosen rental type (classic rental income estimation AND/OR estimation of apartment profitability for seasonal rental, whether for a season or the entire year).

You will have all the necessary information to make the most appropriate choice.

  • If you wish to proceed with furnishing your property for rental, we advise and support you in enhancing and making it as attractive as possible (advice on layout, furnishings, necessary repairs, and enhancements, etc.)

A rental investment is worthwhile only if the subsequent apartment management is rigorous and serious.

With KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL, you can be sure that from tenant search to placement, lease drafting, and entry condition reporting, and even the daily management of the apartment (rent collection, payment of expenses, claims handling, etc.), everything will be handled rigorously and seriously, with direct communication with the management, allowing you to be completely free from any hassle related to the management of your apartment, and you can rely entirely on KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL. No need to call for updates on your property! We anticipate everything and inform you directly about every relevant detail!

Property Management

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Do you want to sell or transfer your property?
Do you want to have your property managed?

KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL has a variety of marketing tools.

VIRTUAL TOURS: an essential tool in line with the current world; it's possible to visit or have the property viewed remotely and without having to be on-site!


LOCAL DISTRIBUTION (Flyers and targeted mailings)

WEB DISTRIBUTION through various real estate software platforms (e.g., SE LOGER, LOGIC IMMO, LE BON COIN, MAISONS ET APPARTEMENTS, etc.)

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook / Instagram, etc. KALLISTE IMMO CONSEIL updates social media daily, allowing you to keep track of new properties and agency news. We're connected #kallisteimmoconseil

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With extensive experience in the real estate investment field, we are able to offer you our additional services:

Financial and Tax Expertise (wealth management advice / Real estate legislation)

Real Estate Audit (Cost Estimates for Works / Work Monitoring)

Search for Financial Partners (Financing / Asset Restructuring)

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